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Famous Indian Bands Of All Time

Greatest Indian Bands Of All Time

Indian Bands Of All Time: A music band is a group that maintains collective musical qualities and typically performs music by combining singing, instruments, and rhythm. Band members can include singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers, and artists of various instruments. The purpose of a music band is to create attractive and entertaining music, provide a positive experience, and transport listeners into a specific mood or emotion.

Indian music bands are an important part that is emerging from various places across the country. Here is some information about some prominent and popular Indian music bands.

Indian Bands Of All Time:-

Indian Ocean band

Indian Ocean is an Indian rock band formed in New Delhi in 1990, widely recognized as pioneers of fusion rock genre in India. Susmit Sen, Asheem Chakravarty, Rahul Ram, and Amit Kilam were members of the band until Chakravarty passed away on December 25, 2009, following which Tuheen Chakravarty and Himanshu Joshi were officially inducted into the band as successors. Rahul Ram has remained the sole founding member of the band since Susmit Sen’s departure in 2013, who had appeared in the band’s debut album ‘Indian Ocean’. Sanjeev Sharma has collaborated with them as a lyricist in several of their albums.

The band’s musical style can be best categorized as jazz fusion, blending Indian ragas (traditional Indian melodies) with rock music, guitars, and drums, sometimes incorporating Indian folk tunes. It has been described by some music pundits as a “jazz-spiced fusion of Indo-rock fusion” and as a “style” that integrates “shlokas, Sufism, environmentalism, mythological narratives, and revolution.

Since 2010, the band has been increasingly at odds with record labels. They released their latest album “16/330 Khajoor Road” online for free. The primary reason behind this move was the lack of enthusiasm to compromise with record labels and engage in disputes over copyright issues. They relied on concerts and sponsorships to generate revenue instead of playing into the hands of record labels. They were sponsored by Johnny Walker for some time. They are one of the five major artists included in the world’s first Music Personalization First DARP (DRP). In their 2014 list of “25 Great Indian Rock Songs of the Last 25 Years,” Rolling Stone India included two songs from the album “Kandisa” (2000), ‘Ma Rewa’ and ‘Kandisa’.


Euphoria is an Indian pop rock band formed by Dr. Palash Sen in 1998 in Delhi, India. The word ‘Euphoria,’ which describes the feeling of someone experiencing mania, is a term in mental health science that Dr. Sen identified when he was a student at the University College of Medical Sciences in Delhi. Euphoria has released 7 studio albums and embraced digital revolution in the music industry by releasing 16 singles. They were inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Palm Expo in Mumbai by the Indian Recording Arts Academy in 2012. Known for their catchy pop-rock songs, Euphoria is also recognized for making music with a satirical message. The title track of their 2011 album, ‘Item,’ satirizes Bollywood’s so-called ‘item numbers,’ ‘Gumsum’ was written as a letter to the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and ‘Jeene Do’ attempts to touch upon the morale of a common man amidst terrorism and politics.


Parvaaz is an Indian rock band formed in Bangalore in 2010 by Kashif Iqbal and Khalid Ahamed. The current lineup (as of 2021) includes Khalid Ahamed (vocals), Fidel D’Souza (bass), Bharat Kashyap (lead guitars), and Sachin Banandur (drums and percussion).

Parvaaz released their debut single ‘Dil Khush’ in 2011 and their five-track debut EP ‘Behosh’ in 2012. Their second single ‘Khufiya Dastaan’ was released in 2013. Their debut album ‘Baran’ was released in August 2014 with eight tracks. In 2016, they released a live feature-length album ‘Transitions’ which included previously recorded tracks and two additional tracks ‘Shad’ and ‘Color White’ (which were later released as singles in 2017). The group released their nine-track album ‘Kun’ on October 18, 2019. Kashif Iqbal left the band in 2021.

The Local Train

The Local Train is an Indian rock band that was formed in Chandigarh in 2008 and has been based in New Delhi since 2015. The current lineup of the band includes lead guitarist – Paras Thakur, bassist – Ramit Mehra, and drummer and percussionist – Sahil Sarin. In April 2022, the band announced that their vocalist/frontman Ramit Negi had left the band.

They began their career by releasing singles and their debut album ‘Aalas Ka Ped‘ was released in 2015, followed by their second album ‘Vaaqif‘ in 2018. Both albums have been included in the top five most streamed rock music albums on Apple Music India. The band is known for its Hindi and Urdu songs, which often touch upon issues like communalism and belief, making them popular among young audiences across India.

The Local Train regularly performs at live events and music festivals in India. They have performed at Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Sulafest, VH1 Supersonic, Red Bull Tour Bus, Grub Fest, and Simply Fest. Their music was featured in Nalin’s 2015 film ‘Angry Indian Goddesses‘, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

When Chai Met Toast

When Chai Met Toast is a multilingual indie-folk alternative band formed in 2016 in Kozhikode. The band’s lineup consists of lead vocalist Ashwin Gopakumar, guitarist Achyuth Jaigopal, keyboardist Palee Francis, and drummer Pai Sailesh. The band is known for their cheerful and light-hearted music, which they create in English and Hindi, sometimes with Tamil and Malayalam songs.

After releasing two EPs and several singles, the band was recognized as an emerging artist in Spotify’s Radar program. Their single “Break Free” was selected as one of VH1 India’s top 50 hit videos. They have also developed some tracks for comedian Kenny Sebastian’s 2018 web series “Die Trying.”

When Chai Met Toast regularly performs at live events and music festivals in India, such as Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Sulafest, OnePlus Music Festival, and Red Bull Tour Bus. In August 2021, their music was featured in the trailer of the upcoming Bollywood film “Jee Le Zara” starring Farhan Akhtar.


Sanam is an Indian pop-rock band formed in 2010, currently based in Mumbai, India, known for their renditions of classic Indian Bollywood songs and original music. The band consists of Sanam Puri (lead vocalist/musician), Samar Puri (songwriter/lead guitarist/musician), Venky S or Venkat Subramaniyam (bass guitarist), and Keshav Dhanraj. In 2016, the band was among India’s top 10 independent YouTube channels and one of the country’s fastest-growing YouTube channels.

In 2017, the band was honored at the Social Media Summit & Awards in Amravati by Bhuma Akhila Priya and MP Kesineni Srinivas for Best Music Content Creator (National category).

Sanam gained widespread recognition through their YouTube channel, where they started posting covers of popular songs. Their soulful renditions, coupled with their musical talent and charisma, quickly garnered them a large and dedicated fan base. Over the years, they have amassed millions of subscribers and views on their YouTube channel.

Apart from covers, Sanam has also released original music, showcasing their songwriting abilities. Their style blends elements of pop, rock, and Indian music, creating a unique sound that appeals to a wide audience.

Sanam has performed at numerous concerts and music festivals both in India and abroad, further solidifying their status as one of the leading bands in the Indian independent music scene. They continue to release new music and engage with their fans through social media, maintaining their position as one of the most beloved bands in the country.

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