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Indian Premier League(IPL): A Musical Season Theme Songs


The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India. It was founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2007, and the first season was played in 2008. The IPL features franchise teams representing different cities and regions of India, competing in a round-robin group stage followed by playoffs and a final match. The league has gained immense popularity worldwide due to its high-quality cricket, star-studded line-ups, and innovative format. Matches are played annually during the summer months, and the IPL has become one of the most popular and lucrative cricket tournaments globally.

IPL Theme Songs List

IPL 2008 (Season-1)

The IPL anthem for the 2008 season, titled “Cricket Ka Dharmayudh” or the “Cricket War,” was composed by the world-famous music maestro A.R. Rahman. Known for his signature style, Rahman’s composition truly evoked excitement and captured the spirit of the inaugural IPL tournament.

IPL 2009 (Season-2)

During the second IPL season, no special theme song was released. However, an advertisement titled “Divided by Nations, United by IPL” gained immense popularity. With the tournament being held in South Africa instead of India.

IPL 2010 (Season-3)

In 2010, the IPL treated fans to two different songs. The main IPL theme song was “Saare Jahan Se Accha,” which celebrated the return of the league to India. The song featured all the then captains of the teams standing in a packed stadium, with fans enthusiastically singing along. It captured the excitement and devotion of cricket fans across the country.

IPL 2011 (Season-4)

In IPL-4, held in 2011, the famous theme song “Dum Laga Ke Mara Ray” became an instant hit. With its energetic trumpet sound, this iconic song became a favorite among fans and was played on loop on television and radios throughout the tournament. It added to the excitement and atmosphere of the IPL matches, becoming an integral part of the cricketing extravaganza.

IPL 2012 (Season-5)

The 5th IPL season in 2012 featured the theme song “Aisa Mauka Aur Kaha Milega.” This peppy hip-hop IPL anthem included most of the famous cricket commentators, such as Harsha Bhogle, Ajay Jadeja, and Navjot Singh Sidhu, in the music video. The song added to the excitement of the tournament and showcased the enthusiasm of both fans and commentators alike.

IPL 2013 (Season-6)

The 2013 IPL theme song, “Jumping Zapak,” stood out with its catchy lyrics and funky rhyme, surpassing many peppy movie numbers. The video featured famous cricketers like Kapil Dev and other celebrities in a fun medley, adding to its appeal. The introduction showing fans dancing to the choreography in the stadium and live screening set the mood for the tournament, making it a memorable experience for viewers.

IPL 2014 (Season-7)

Who can forget the energetic “Come on Bulava Aaya Hai” IPL theme song from 2014? This entertaining number blended pop music with high-spirited lyrics, perfectly capturing the excitement of the league. The video featured celebrities and commentators dancing and celebrating their enthusiasm for the IPL, making it a memorable anthem for fans.

IPL 2015 (Season-8)

In 2015, the IPL treated fans to the celebratory anthem “India Ka Tyohaar,” which became a massive hit among cricket enthusiasts. The song perfectly captured the festive spirit of Indian cricket, celebrating the carnival-like atmosphere of the tournament. The video featured Indians from various regions eagerly watching the cricket extravaganza unfold on their television screens, adding to the excitement and fervor of the IPL.

IPL 2016 (Season-9)

The 2016 IPL song, composed by the renowned duo Salim-Sulaiman, emphasized the unity of Indians from diverse cultures. The theme song “Ek India Happy-wala” beautifully conveyed the message of spreading love and not hate. Sung by Raj Pandit, the lyrics “Ek India Ho To Aisa Ho; Ho Pyar Wala, Muskan Wala” struck a chord with the audience, resonating with the spirit of unity and happiness.

IPL 2017 (Season-10)

The 2017 IPL theme song, “Das Saal Aapke Naam,” celebrated the incredible 10-year journey of the iconic tournament. The song expressed gratitude to the audience for their unwavering support and contributions that made the IPL a resounding success.

IPL 2018 (Season-11)

The IPL 2018 theme song, “Yeh Khel hai Sher-Jawano Ka,” features top world cricket players competing against each other to reach the pinnacle of success. Adapted from a Hindi classical song, the song showcases the remarkable moments on the field and highlights the fierce competition among players striving for victory.

IPL 2019 (Season-12)

The 2019 IPL anthem, “Game Banayega Name,” delivers an empowering message to cricketers, boosting their confidence through its lyrics. It emphasizes that regardless of current popularity, one’s performance in the game will ultimately determine their recognition and success.

IPL 2020 (Season-13)

The IPL theme song of 2020, “Aab Khel Bolega,” embraced the themes of busyness, speed, and excitement. The song elevated the banter and excitement to new heights, capturing the fast-paced and thrilling nature of the tournament. With its energetic beats and catchy lyrics, “Aab Khel Bolega” encapsulated the frenzy and excitement of IPL matches, setting the stage for an electrifying season of cricket action.

IPL 2021 (Season-14)

Experience the electrifying energy of the 2021 IPL anthem, “India Ki Vibe Alag Hai“. Let the foot-tapping beats of Nucleya’s song transport you into a world of non-stop dancing and celebration. Feel the pulse of the nation as you groove to the rhythm and immerse yourself in the spirit of cricket. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable musical journey that will keep you dancing all day long!

IPL 2022 (Season-15)

The ‘Indian fever‘ is back with a bang, fueled by the same passion, determination, and a fresh opportunity to rewrite history. With victories and defeats on the horizon, IPL 2022 promises an exhilarating journey. Featuring ten teams, including new entrants and seasoned contenders, the excitement is palpable. Stay tuned to See Positive for exclusive videos capturing the magic of this incredible series.

IPL 2023 (Season-16)

Get ready to ignite your excitement for the 2023 Indian Premier League with the dynamic anthem, “Shor Macha“! Composed by Rahul Pais and Nariman Khambhata, and sung by Romy, this anthem promises to infuse energy into the atmosphere. Join us as we rally behind our favorite teams and experience the thrill of cricket action.

IPL 2024 (Season-17)

Get ready for the 2024 IPL anthem, “Gajab IPL ke Ajab Rang“! Join us as we come together to celebrate the vibrant colors of cricket. Are you prepared to witness a game that changes the landscape of the entire nation? Gather around and immerse yourself in the excitement on the big screen! Let’s create unforgettable memories together as we cheer for our favorite teams and players. 🏏🎉

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